Access Control Gate Applications

Steel Aisle Gate

Portable Steel Aisle Gates are lightweight and move from setting to setting with little effort. Designed for retail stock inventory operation, maintenance procedure, or any type of temporary crowd control. When not in use, these mounted aisle gates retract out of the way. Available in OSHA yellow or other colors, the aisle gate comes with a welded handle for easy lifting. Gates can be linked together for larger widths.

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Portable Scissor Gate

Portable Scissor Gates can be used virtually anywhere and any way you need them including sealing school hallways, closing elevator banks, restricting access in offices, factories or warehouses. And when collapsed they'll go through any doorway and can be stored in a closet! Portable Scissor Gates extend up to 12' and are a quick and easy way to seal off any area and are perfect for providing temporary access control in any area. With 6' add-ons you can seal off an area of any width, but they'll even fit through a doorway as small as 28 inches!

Easy-to-follow installation instructions for Portable Security Gates (.pdf).

Complete specifications for our Portable Security Gates.

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X-tra Duty Portable Bostick Gate

The New Xtra-duty Portable Bostwick Gates are entirely custom-made in order to perfectly fit any size opening — and can accommodate a variety of locking options. Designed for heavy use as traffic control units in schools, park district facilities, churches and community centers. Compact, easy to operate and can be used in as many different areas as needed with the kind of adaptability to fit almost any condition and need. It is designed to set up in seconds, installs almost anywhere, rolls easily into place and retracts so it is invisible when not in use.

Xtra-duty Portable Bostwick Gates offer three styles of locking mechanisms:

Pressure Fit Model. This gate locks into place quicker and easier than any other portable gate offered. It can be moved effortlessly from place to place and locks easily to provide instant security without up-front installation — there is no need for floor or wall anchors with this gate.

Floor Mount Model. Utilizing a reliable and ultra-secure floor anchor system, this gate challenges the most demanding stress during use. Lean on it, push on it, tug on it — the gate stays put.

Wall Anchor Model. Available with a standard wall anchor system found on Illinois Engineered Products standard heavy-duty portable gates.

All Xtra-duty Bostwick Gates come in a galvanized finish that never needs maintenance.

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Barrier Gates

Barrier Gates from Illinois Engineered Products are ideal for providing temporary access control in any kind area — including entryways, hallways or aisles — anywhere! Gates come in widths up to 6' and heights up to 30”. They're very portable and they cost less than larger gates. Our Barrier Gates are lightweight and easy to move and handle so they can be quickly collapsed and stored. They'll even fit in the back of a truck or maintenance cart so you can take them exactly where you need them! Plus, each gate can connect to for perimeters or corners of any length.

Easy-to-follow installation instructions for our Barrier Gates (.pdf).

Complete specifications for our Barrier Gates.

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