Cold Chain Application for Clearway Products

The term cold chain refers to all processes (transport, handling, storage) related to keeping food products at a given temperature in order to maintain their taste and keep them safe for consumption.  In the food industry, maintaining the cold chain throughout the life cycle of food products is essential. Flexible PVC plays an important role.

Food Processing and Manufacturing 


After the production of perishable foods many manufacturers freeze their products in order to reach the ideal core temperature for their specific needs.  Flexible PVC provides a seperation barrier between differing temperature zones to prevent air movement and temperature loss.  For these applications Clearway offers the QuickMount™ strip door system or our innovative PVC Swing Doors.


Perishible foods are stored at different temperature ranges from 45° to -60° F, depending on the type. Clearway offers a wide range of door products to be used to separate different areas within the cold storage area.  Our QuickMount™ strip door system or  PVC Swing Doors. are a popular choice in cold storage applications.


Another essential link in the cold chain is logistics.  The transport of refrigerated products is highly regulated and requires that the refrigerated truck trailer be kept within the appropriate temperature range while food is present.  Clearway’s QuickMount™ Truck Strip Door kits are designed to prevent cold air from escaping when the rear loading door is open.


Supermarkets and food service companies must maintain proper temperatures for the food products in their possession while they are storing and merchandising them.  Storage takes place in walk-in coolers and freezers, and Clearway’s QuickMount™ strip door system prevents cold air from escaping, even when the unit’s insulated swing door or sliding door is opened.

Food is often merchandised in refrigerated retail display cases, which are open, and therefore allow cold air to escape into the ambient temperature environment of the store.  Clearway’s CoolStrip retail case curtain system allows the retailer to quickly and easily retrofit their reach-in displays to prevent cool air from escaping yet allows the consumer to see, and purchase the items they need.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens use a service entrance that employees use to carry supplies and garbage through, away from the main customer entrance to the building.  This can be a major source of insect problems for the kitchen as the smell of food and the presence of warmth and light often can cause flying insects to congregate near the door.  The ClearWay PestShield™ mesh insect curtain prevents the infiltration of the facility by flying insects while allowing personnel to pass through the door with their arms full of merchandise or waste.

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