Retail Store Applications for Clearway Products

Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug-stores use walk-in coolers and freezers to keep merchandise at a safe temperature and comply with municipal and federal requirements for proper storage of food. Our QuickMount™ strip door system provides a permanent barrier preventing cold air from escaping, when the unit’s insulated door is opened.  Personnel can load or unload food as the strip door prevents cold air from escaping.  Recently, the use of strip doors in walk-in coolers has become required by federal law.

Refrigerated Display Units

Supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug-stores across North America merchandise cold drink and food items in refrigerated retail display cases, which are open, and therefore allow cold air to escape into the ambient temperature environment of the store.  Clearway’s CoolStrip Retail Case Curtain system allows the retailer to quickly and easily retrofit their reach-in displays to prevent cool air from escaping yet allows the consumer to see, and purchase, the items they need.


Rear Loading Doors and Service Entrances

In the rear of the retail store, typically there are doors that are used to receive shipments, and also service entrances used to take the trash out.  These door openings can be a major source of insect problems as the presence of warmth and light often can cause flying insects to congregate near the door.  The ClearWay PestShield™ mesh insect curtain prevents the infiltration of the facility by flying insects while allowing personnel to pass through the door with their arms full of merchandise or waste. Also, Clearway’s Anti-Insect Yellow QuickMount™ HD strip door kits features a specialized PVC strip, formulated to repel insects while impeding their ability to see the door opening.

If you have questions about our products, specific applications for them, or pricing and availability please don’t hesitate to contact us.