Welding Applications for Clearway Products

Welding operations create a bright flash of light that can be harmful to workers and bystanders, causing temporary flash burns to the eyes or more permanent conditions such as “arc-eye”.  For this reason, responsible companies must use welding screens to protect people nearby the welding operation.

Welding screens are made from semi-transparent PVC materials and are designed to filter ultraviolet light coming from the welding equipment.  In the United States, OSHA Regulation 29 CFR requires that welding screens be used in order to provide safe working conditions for the people nearby.  PVC welding screens are not meant to replace welding safety goggles and for prolonged viewing of the welding operation it is critical to use eyewear that has been approved for that purpose.

ClearWay’s ScreenFlex™ welding products are designed to filter the ultra-violet radiation coming from the welding process.  These products can be mounted onto a frame to create a portable welding screen, capable of being moved within the facility or transported to the jobsite for public safety.  These products can be installed permanently to create a designated welding station within a facility.  In addition, ClearWay’s ScreenFlex products can be installed in a traditional strip door application using the QuickMount™ hardware system to separate and isolate a room used for welding from the rest of the facility.

ClearWay’s ScreenFlex™ products all meet the relevant federal and international standards and regulations that ensure worker safety and we constantly monitor these standards and regulations to keep our products in complete compliance.

If you have questions about our products, specific applications for them, or pricing and availability please don’t hesitate to contact us.