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Military Frequency Interference with Homeowner's Garage Door Openers

Posted by Brittany Jameson on Tue, Jun 25, 2013 @ 08:06 AM

In April, homeowner's near Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart were struck with a case of frequency interference from military radio devices (MLR), causing garage door openers to malfunction.

Word on the street is that the issue will not be going away. Chances are, this occurrence will grow since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claims garage door operators use the frequency. The US military is considered the authorized operator of these lower-level frequencies, which means consumers are on their own to resolve interference issues.

While the FCC claims there will be no change on the part of the government to resolve the issue, Overhead Door Company of Savannah is here to offer advice about new products and solutions to homeowners to remedy this inconvenience.

Typical symptoms of frequency interference issues have been:

  • limited remote range

  • remotes only working from inside the garage

  • disabled HomeLink and Car2U capabilities 

  • remotes and car systems only working occasionally

  • once remotes and car systems are set, they are not maintaining code

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Overhead Door Company of Savannah's Solutions:

If a garage door opener is older than 10 years old, we suggest purchase a new Odyssey operator. The unit has a Lifetime Warranty on the motor, a 15-year Warranty on the Belt, and a 5-year Warranty on all other parts associated with the motor. Since the opener is Belt driven, it will also be very quiet. This opener comes with 2 new remotes that we will program on the day that we install the new unit, as well. What is the advantage to this system? The Odyssey opener operates on a rolling code frequency meaning that it will still function properly in the midst of the interference issue.

If the garage door motor is less than 10 years old, however, a Dual Frequency reciever is an option. This reciever will "piggy-back" with your current operator and roll over to a new code when interrupted allowing you to use your new garage door remotes to its fullest extent. The Dual Frequency reciever will come with 2 new handheld remotes that will be programmed on the day of installation.

Why does Overhead Door Company of Savannah NOT suggest installing a dual frequency reciever on a unit older than 10 years? We want our customers to get the most for their money; therefore, investing in a Dual Reciever for an older unit is a risky decision. An older motor is more likely to stop working for reasons other than frequency issues, rendering the Dual Reciever useless. In addition, the Dual Reciever does not come with the extensive Warranties as of that of the Odyssey. Therefore, the best decision is to safely invest in the future of your garage door with an Odyssey operator.

Overhead Door Company of Savannah is pleased to advise and serve you during this time of confusion, and appreciates your continued business and understanding.

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