CoolStrip™ Retail Case Curtains

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Clearway’s CoolStrip™ reach-through strip curtain is designed for the retail environment, allowing customers to easily access the merchandise they want, while allowing the retailer to reduce energy costs and be environmentally responsible.  Clear PVC strips are held securely across the opening in UPVC top and bottom rails, both slotting with fingertip ease into retaining C-sections.  CoolStrip offers:


Proven in independent tests to reduce energy consumption by up to 60%.


Helps retail display cases to easily meet temperature regulations for food storage.


Ideal for deli-counters, display cases, freezer units and most retail refrigeration applications.


Made from 100% pure virgin compounds (not regrind) in our facilities, our PVC strips are known worldwide for their clarity, flexibility and stability.


The CoolStrip hardware system allows quick and easy removal of full sections of strips for loading access.


CoolStrip is designed to meet all relevant federal and international standards and regulations for use in food facilities



Measuring Your Opening

For Chiller Cabinets measure inside width (W) and measure Length (L) from bottom of the fascia to top of the sill.

For Freezer Units, measure inside width (W) and measure the inside compartment Length (L).

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