McGuire, A Division of Systems, Inc, manufacturers a complete line of loading dock equipment including hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical levelers, seals and shelters, safety vehicle restraints and accessories. You can completely outfit your entire loading dock area with McGuire’s comprehensive line of loading dock equipment.

McGuire offers you the convenience of one-source buying for...

Dock Levelers

  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical pit-type levelers
  • Barrier lip hydraulic and pneumatic levelers
  • Hydraulic and mechanical edge-of-docks
  • Vertical storing levelers
  • Custom designs


Safety Vehicle Restraints

  • HOLD-TITE® automatic vehicle restraint
  • TPR™ automatic vehicle restraint
  • STOP-TITE® automatic vehicle restraint
  • STOP-TITE® manual vehicle restraint


Seals and Shelters

  • Fixed and adjustable head seals
  • Fixed and flexible frame shelters
  • Special seals for unique applications


McGuire offers a complete line of dock equipment which incorporates the best in engineering and design, materials and manufacturing quality. McGuire is a division of Systems Incorporated with home offices located in Germantown, WI.

We ship our hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical pit-type levelers as well as our barrier safety lip pit-levelers and the hydraulic and mechanical edge-of dock units from our manufacturing plant in Malvern, AR. Our vertical storing hydraulic levelers, custom designs and all vehicle restraints ship from our plant in Germantown, WI. Our seal and shelter line ships from Upper Sandusky, OH.

An Industry Leader for more than 40 years, customers have relied on McGuire to deliver safe and efficient loading dock equipment. We continue to develop new products and designs to address an ever changing landscape in building design, end-user requirements and dock safety regulations. McGuire’s commitment to customers includes our goal to provide customers with safe and efficient loading dock equipment at an affordable delivered and installed price. We are dedicated to developing the most innovative material handling solutions through research, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of the finest loading dock equipment available. In conjunction with our parent company, Systems Incorporated, our nationwide network of over 400 distributors can satisfy all your loading dock needs.