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Traffic Type: Pedestrian, Pushcart, Pallet Jack, Forklift
Applications: For doors 12' tall or taller with motorized traffic.

The QuickMount™ HD strip door is the perfect solution for all doors 12’ or taller and doors with motorized forklift traffic. Clearway’s QuickMount™ HD hardware system features structural aluminum for heavy-duty applications and is compliant with federal regulations for food facilities.


Made from 100% pure virgin compounds (not regrind) in our facilities, our PVC strips are known worldwide for their clarity, flexibility and stability


Our QuickMount™ HD hardware system makes strip installation ten times faster than with traditional mounting systems, and “tool-free”


Our QuickMount™ HD strip doors are designed to meet all relevant federal and international standards and regulations for use in food facilities


Our QuickMount™ HD strip doors feature rounded edges for safety and bright safety orange edge strips to highlight the edges of the door opening


While other manufacturers make excuses for their strips curling and cupping, Clearway’s QuickMount™ HD strip doors offer you a tight seal from day one


Clearway’s QuickMount™ HD strip doors are available in a number of PVC Strip Types, to fit your application perfectly


We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the QuickMount™ HD hardware system, against cracking or breaking